Nothing is Normal Anymore

Nothing is “normal” anymore in business or politics. Stability used to be normal, it was overtaken by change. Growth used to be predictable, it has been consumed by uncertainty. Organizations used to be orderly, now they are chaotic.

Here are three truths about our “new” normal:
Get comfortable with change.
Embrace uncertainty.
Learn from chaos.

Get people in a room and talk.
Listen more than you lecture. Yes, I’ve seen you lecture a time or two. Brilliant; but it’s hard to learn from others when you’re talking.
Reflection –> Action –> Reflection –> Action. See the pattern? Good. Now implement it with your team.

Don’t dwell in the present. The present is full of “lack,” “should haves,” and “blame.”

Create your own future. Get clear about what you want. Design actions to get you and your organization closer to that future.


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