That’s How They Get Ya. Or is it?

See, “that’s how they get ya.” I can literally hear my grandfather in my head as I write these words. Carl Groscurth was a stickler for quality service and he was a straight shootin’, no BS, just the facts mam kind of a guy.

He was always on the look out for shams, scams, and schemes. He had a keen eye for spotting a bait and switch and would be quick to point out when a service provider fell short on their end of the bargain. Whether it was the ratio of air to chips in the bag or political rhetoric, he would be the first to out a fraud or ask to speak to a manager. He was a consummate skeptic.

And, at the same time, when you delivered on your promise, he was fiercely loyal to select products, services, and organizations, devoting his entire career to the Ford Motor Company, and he never had anything but Ford products parked in his garage.

Lesson learned? It isn’t advertising, “branding,” bald-faced deception, or charisma that actually gets people to follow, buy, or like you. Sure, these things may work in the short term.  Long term, it’s much more than that: Integrity, consistency, competence, responsiveness to customer feedback, honesty, and a relentless focus on value and quality.

That’s what builds trust and loyalty. That’s how they get you, and, more importantly, that’s how they keep you!

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