Is Your Busyness Adding Value to Your Business?

Is your business more than the some of your employees’ busyness?

Tim Kreider wrote in his NY Times article, “Busyness serves as a kind of existential reassurance, a hedge against emptiness.” In fact, many people wear their “busyness” as a badge of honor. You ask, “How are you?” She replies, “Super busy. Just so much going on. Really, really busy.”
So is the “busyness” that we hear so much about really about engaging in value-added business or is it some kind of a twisted way of validating our professional “worth,” individually and/or collectively?

Here are BIG questions to discuss with your team or to reflect on about your “busyness” (or should I say your business):

1. How busy are we? Why do some people seem busier than others? What choices are we making that contribute to our busyness?

2. Are we busy doing the right things? If not, why not? What do we need to stop doing?

3. What activities generate value for our business? What generates value for our customers? Why aren’t we busy doing more of those things?

4. What would need to exist for us to engage in less busyness and more business?

Bottom line: Busyness is a choice. Draw boundaries. Engage in value-add business activities. Don’t waste your time, and please don’t waste my time…I’m far too busy.

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