Perfection, Good Enough, and Failure

Clearly, Seth Godin enjoyed my last post on Getting to Good Enough, as he’s using it in his seminars on becoming an impresario. Read his student’s description of the seminar here.

Whatever your idea is, try using these BIG questions (in bold below) that  Motivated Mastery shared to help you get to good enough.
1. What does perfection look like?

  • If I had all the resources, time, and motivation, what would an ideal product, service, experience look, feel, sound, and/or smell like? What would it make people feel or think? What of that “perfection” can’t I live without? What’s most essential for success?

2. What does good enough look like?

  • Good enough is about acceptance and getting your idea out there. So what does good enough look like for you, considering your available resources, knowledge, skill, and passion? What or who might you change if you got your good enough to “market” sooner rather than later? What would a beta version of your idea look like? What would it allow you to test and improve?

3. What does failure look like?

  • What’s the worst thing that could happen if you shoot for perfection and miss? What if you don’t sell a million copies of your first album on itunes, but you convert 5 people into truly dedicated fans/advocates of your music? What learning, growth, lessons learned, and/or wisdom might come of that “failure”? Identify what you fear most about failure and then push-on. Strive for the essential elements of perfection and get your good enough to market.

There are few examples of perfection out there, but lots of examples of good enough…(think iphone, Firefox, Gallup’s Q12). Perfection is the hobgoblin of good enough.


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