5 Tips for Opportunity Cost…Avoidance

Seth Godin’s post today on “Opportunity Cost” resonated with me because I think time is increasingly valuable. Of course, when we choose one option over another, there are implied if not explicit “costs” associated with those decisions.

Are opportunity costs just a natural part of how we work these days? Has time become so scarce that we can’t mindfully attend to our we’re investing ours?

Opportunity cost avoidance may be one strategy for helping you choose more mindfully.

Here are some tips for opportunity cost avoidance written in the form of powerful questions to ask yourself:

1. What opportunities will I have to say “no” to, if I say “yes” to this one?…All the more reason to follow Derek Sivers’s “Hell Yeah” philosophy.

2. What patterns of commitment to projects, people, leisure, my readers, etc. are serving me best?…Make more of these commitments.

3. What is my gut telling me to do?

4. What does my mouth commit to? Are numbers 3-4 aligned?

5. How will I invest my surplus of time once I have one?




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