How to Align Your Team’s “Stand-Fors”: A Reflective Exercise

Spending some time thinking about what your ‘stand-fors’ are will help you and your team prioritize and align your daily efforts with the purpose behind your business practice.

Here’s an exercise to help align your values and actions:

Step 1: Write down answers to the following questions.

What do you stand for (e.g., Justice, Service, Peace, Innovation, Safety)?

How do you let customers, employees, business partners, etc. know what your stand-fors are?

Does your team know what you stand for as their leader?

Do you know what your leader’s stand-fors are?

How might your results change if you communicated your stand-fors more clearly? More often?

Step 2: Invite someone else with whom you work to answer these questions.

Step 3: Discuss your answers.

Step 4: Commit to action (i.e., what will you change about how your working together based on this


Step 5: Review your lists together on a quarterly basis to ensure that your stand-fors are guiding your actions.


Adapted from Michael H. Cohen’s, Time to Lead: The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement.


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