Coaching: The Product is in the Process

Everyday Americans spend millions of dollars on products that they think will bring them happiness and health. Px90, the Belly Burner, the Original Quickchop, the Trendy Top, Eggies, the Fat Magnet, and the list goes on. You’ve seen the commercials…but wait, there’s more!

These products are short-lived substitutes for true happiness and well-being, and acquiring them requires very little effort…usually a Visa or MasterCard will suffice.

These products sell because they promise quick results: health, beauty, confidence. But no matter how many of these products that one seeks, they won’t deliver the results that most of us truly desire.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but the majority of Americans would rather spend three payments of $29.99 on a product that won’t bring them happiness, than on a process that will. Why? Because vital, generative processes like coaching require effort, brutal honesty with one’s self, intentionality, and commitment. Concepts that send most people running for their Snuggie!

Unlike “cure-all” products, vital processes like coaching help you produce the things you really want out of life: a better career, more effective relationships, self-mastery, improved health, an enjoyable social life, and sustainable overall well-being.

But buyer beware: processes like coaching don’t come in a neat little package with a 30-day money back guarantee. Although there usually is no fee for shipping and handling.

Commitment to a coaching process is an investment in becoming your best self. You are the product that emerges out of the coaching process.

Through learning, expanding your self-awareness, tapping your inner wisdom and deeply rooted desire to flourish, you become the “product” that so many seek through external means. Then and only then can you truly appreciate the fact that the product is in the process.


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