How Positive Work Can Make You Rich

I use the phrase positive work as shorthand to refer to a system of thinking, being, and doing. This system or philosophy can be easily be misconstrued as “feel good” medicine to improve relationships and the workplace. For some it is just that (and is much-needed at that).

Let me challenge this notion about positivity being simply a feel good ethos for leaders, consultants, and coaches. At it’s core positive work is about creating results, which translate into riches. It’s up to you, as well as your clients, customers, team, and/or patients, to decide what those riches are (e.g., better health, higher performance, increased revenue, improve relationships, “Wow experiences,” etc.). Positive work characterizes the journey one makes in becoming rich in mind, body, spirit, and material wealth.

This morning I read an article by Grant Cardone entitled, The Seven Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires. The “secrets” aren’t really secrets at all, they are subtle shifts in habit of mind, heart, and personal behavior. The shift involves a positive turn in thinking, from poverty to abundance, and from negative language (spending) to positive language (investing), etc.

Practicing positive work on your self, first, is the first step toward reaping the riches you desire.

These so-called secrets echo the work of Napoleon Hill, another positive thinker, who spent 25 years studying the behaviors of more than 500 wealthy people. He came to the same conclusions: Desire, emotion, motivation, hoping, dreaming, self-confidence, affirmation, habit, visualization, and, yes, LOVE are the essential elements of growing rich. This IS also the STUFF of positive work, and mastering these activities are the journey!

Mastering these habits is at the core of positive work. Very few who grow rich embark on this journey alone. They have partners, coaches, mentors, “master minds,” circles of influence, and so on. Who are your partners on this journey? How far into your positive work are you? How might your results change if you invested in mastering positive work–for yourself? your team? your organization? What riches would you be reaping if you had no barriers in front of you?

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One thought on “How Positive Work Can Make You Rich

  1. Kelly says:

    Love this! Absolutely right on target.

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