When People Steal from You, Try Gratitude

I got a late start today because as I left for work, I discovered that during the night someone had broken into my car (okay, I left the door unlocked) and stole some change and my bluetooth earpiece.

This made me angry, really angry. I didn’t feel positive at all. I felt genuinely pissed.

Throughout the day I found myself returning to the same questions: Why didn’t I lock my car? Why I didn’t I take my bluetooth inside after getting home from the gym (I had a funny feeling about leaving it in my car)? How could someone have the nerve to walk up my driveway and open my car door while it was sitting in my garage? What would I have liked to have done to those punks if I could have caught them in the act?

These questions didn’t seem to get me anywhere.

So, as the day progressed, I consciously tried using gratitude as a means of moving on. Guess what? It worked. Instead of blaming myself and the punks who broke into my car, I made statements of appreciation:

–Thank God I didn’t leave my computer in the car;

–I’m lucky that it wasn’t my house that got broken into;

–I’m thankful that I don’t have to steal to get by;

–I’m grateful that I can easily go buy a new bluetooth (and a better one at that…my BlueAnt model was a piece);

–I’m thankful that my wife’s car was locked (I learned that that’s enough to deter these punks);

–Hey, this will give me an opportunity to install a sweet motion detector lighting system on the garage  (I have money for that too!)

…And on it went.

The result: My anger began to fade. I started to get excited about new projects to secure our home.  And I even felt a little sorry for the punks.

When you’ve been wronged, an “eye for an eye” might satisfy immediate impulses. However, gratitude has the power to help you discover more productive and more effective long-term solutions.





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