A Single Step (and every one thereafter)

Lao Tzu, the 6th Century BC Chinese Sage, is quoted as having said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Positive change, be it in your personal life, team, or organization, can feel like a journey of a thousand miles–and sometimes feels like many more! All positive change is a journey, but changing mindset and behavior can sometimes feel like a really looooonnnngggg one that has no end in sight. In fact, this journey may not have an end.

As the “Old Master’s” wisdom teaches, the journey of positive change begins with a single step. A single action. Maybe a single conversation.

But what happens after you take the first step toward positively transforming yourself and others? What compels you take take the second step? And then then third? And the next after that?

Anyone can take a single step toward positive change. This might look like a single visit or a week’s worth of going to the gym. A month of eating well. A semester of disciplined study. And, as many working toward personal mastery will attest, the steps following the first one are often the hardest take.

These are the steps after the journey has begun–the steps thereafter. These steps encompass the real “stuff” of positive change:

Discipline, commitment, desire, purpose, inner strength, and will. These characteristics do not boil down to personal motivation; at their core is love of self and love of others. Love helps one push through the blisters of each step, the set backs, and the uncertainty of progress made.

Every step on a journey of a thousand miles requires love.


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