5 Ways to Enable Someone

Knowledge refers to facts, awareness, and skills acquired through education or experience.

Ability, however, is the capacity to put facts, awareness, and skill to use to change something.

As Kurt Lewin, a noted 20th century American pragmatist, said, there is nothing so practical as a good theory. Although theory and knowledge can be practical, they require ability in order to promote change.

Enablement is key to change on the personal, relational, group, or organizational level. Therefore, in order to become a catalyst for change, you must get good at enabling yourself and others.

How do you enable someone?

1. Find out what they want,

2. Observe their work or life situation,

3. Ask them good questions that help them see beyond their current limitations,

4. Help them remove barriers for themselves or remove the barriers yourself, if you have the power,

5. Reinforce the positive changes when they occur.

Today, we are flush with knowledge. In order to make positive change happen, we must become merchants of ability.


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