7 Strategies for Becoming a Change Sponsor

Positive organizational change begins and ends with sponsorship.

Sponsorship is a process, not a role.

Unfortunately, according to industry research, the majority of change sponsors don’t know what they are supposed to do.This poses serious threats to the success of change because sponsorship is the #1 predictor of successful change.

Here are seven strategies for helping others become good change sponsors:

1. Allocate resources for project management, change leadership, coaching, learning, and communication;

2. Be active and visible throughout the change (not just at the beginning);

3. Listen to what managers, employees, and customers are saying about the change;

4. Create desire and commitment among those affected  by the change;

5. Recognize, reinforce, and celebrate small wins and BIG ones too!;

6. Demonstrate that you value the people-side of change;

7. Build relationships and coalitions with change-critical stakeholders.



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