When Inspiration Happens (or Doesn’t)

When inspiration strikes, will you be ready? Will your mind be quiet enough and will your heart be open enough to receive the wisdom that graces each one of us at some point?

How do you have to be to prepare yourself for the gift of inspiration?

Noticing, wondering, embracing, appreciating, and responding. These are phases being graced with inspiration.

Notice more. Embrace the gift of inspiration. Appreciate and express more gratitude for moments of inspiration.

Express gratitude for the moments when there is no inspiration. Respond to inspiration–that may include appreciating, planning, or acting on the creative connections with which you have been graced.

Create space, quiet space for inspiration to bubble up. Create a daily appreciative practice. Write things down. Don’t try to force it. Take a walk. A warm shower. A run. Watch your thoughts. Say nice things about people.

Thank you.


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