Positive Energy in Organizational Transactions

Organizational transactions (i.e., mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures) require a great deal of energy. The work and working relationships that must be managed during transactions are anything but “business as usual.”

A recent Towers Watson report on “Using the Power of Managers in an M&A” presents compelling data that there is much OD practitioners can do to leverage the power of managers during transactions.

How one leverages the positive energy of managers, however, is both a matter of “what” and, perhaps more importantly, “when” positive work with managers is done.

Towers’ research defines three critical phases of transaction: Secure, Stabilize, and Sustain.

The figure above illustrates the degree of involvement that OD consultants might play across the phases of securing, stabilizing, and sustaining.

Use this figure to determine what type of management engagement/development activities you might plan to implement during the Secure phase (red), the Stabilize phase (yellow), and the Sustain phase (green).

What do you notice about the degree of involvement? Is this consistent with your practice and experiences in M&A activities? How might have the energy for change been boosted had you followed this model?


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