How to Maximize your New Year’s Resolution (NYR)

Resolution (n): a firm decision to do or not to do something. Oxford American Dictionary.

“Oh, geez–Here comes 2012. What do I want to do more of? Less of? What should I start doing? What should I stop doing?”

Many people struggle with making a NYR and commit to do things on December 31st or January 1st out of guilt or obligation to the process of making an NYR.

While the scenario described above is fine for those who want to attempt to make positive change in their work life of personal life, it is not the best approach for maximizing a NYR.

Here’s a better approach for getting the most out of a NYR:

1. Start exploring your desired results for the year ahead now. Don’t wait.

2. Don’t explore alone. Find a trusted partner to help you reflect on your resolution (e.g., a best friend, your boss, your spouse, a professional coach, or a spiritual guide).

3. Consider the following questions:

  • What will you and those around you gain from this commitment?
  • Are the results you seek realistic and achieveable?
  • With what personal strength or core value is this commitment aligned?
  • What might you need to stop doing or do less of to make time for this new thing?
  • How will you know when you’ve been successful in integrating your resolution into your life?

4. Resolve to do something that you really want to commit to, not  something that you think you should do. “Shouldy” commitments lead to “shouldy” results.

5. Hold yourself accountable for your results. How will you measure your success? What support or specific tools do you need to help you on this journey? What are the consequences for not following through on this commitment?

6. Resolutions: They’re not just for New Year’s Eve anymore. While the end of the year makes perfect sense for resolutions, when you’ve integrated and/or succeeded throughout the year, move the flag up the mountain. Resolve again. And again.

7. If your serious about your commitment, then get the support you need to enable your success. Support might include a coach or community to help you measure your progress.  Support could also come in the form of a a cool tool or App. This is a great App to support people committing to better physical wellbeing.

Personal growth isn’t easy; that’s why so many people stop evolving or simply give up. Resolutions and commitments are your responsibility and yours alone. Best of luck on your journey; and here’s to thriving in 2012!


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