Thriving: 10 Strategies for Increasing it at Work

Extraordinary results demand vitality and learning. The highest performing organizations are starting to direct attention toward factors and strategies that enable THRIVING at work.

Gretchen Spreitzer is Chair of Management and Organizations in the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Her work on THRIVING has been very useful to my OD practice and coaching. Here’s how it works:

Vitality is measured in terms of feeling alive, energized, full of spirit. Learning is measured by continuous growth and a sense of personal development.


Thriving is significantly correlated with:

  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Lower burnout and fatigue
  • Higher individual performance
  • Higher organizational commitment
  • AND, better physical health


1. Learn to lead and manage vitality and energy.

2. Enable deeper self-awareness among high-potentials using coaching.

3. Create learning and growth opportunities in daily interactions and meetings.

4. Ask co-workers and employees what energizes them. Do more of this.

5. Ask co-workers and employees what drains them. Do less of this.

6. Develop a learning plan for yourself and with others and implement them.

7. Share a new insight, awareness, or resource with your team.

8. Have conversations about the current energy levels on your team.

9. Learn more about when employees feel that they are their “best self” at work?

10. Work with a positive change expert to measure and boost thriving on your team.



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